Sunday August 21st at 10 & 11:30am

Didn’t get to go to the beach this year? No problem! We’re having our very own beach get-away right here at Life Fellowship! Bring a friend and jump on board with a ton of totally rad games, awesome activities, sweet prizes, and an exciting interactive message for kids. Did we also mention after each service we’ll have Allen’s BIGGEST Slip-n-Slide set up for the kids. It’s a Sunday to grab your favorite beach towel & swimsuit, wear it to church, and don’t miss out on the Kid’s Beach Blast coming to Life Fellowship Sunday August 21st!

BONUS: Every kid is encouraged to wear their swimsuits to church plus every child present will receive FREE Freezer Pop’s. Now that’s a deal no kid can refuse.


We are in a nation in which each one of us are spectators. Maybe it is a spectator of sports, or reality TV, or news. We live to watch others in what they do. Oftentimes, we find ourselves sitting on the bench, watching and waiting. I find the same true with our spiritual lives. We sit on the bench watching and waiting for God to do something, but never allow ourselves to participate. We sit on the bench waiting for someone else to fill a ministry need.

Sure, I enjoy being a spectator at a sporting event and there is nothing wrong with that. Spectator events are great for entertainment; but, in my walk with Christ, He has called me (called us) to something greater than just being a spectator. He has called us to GO! He has called us to participate!

What would the church look like if we weren’t just spectators, but participants?  To participate no matter what the cost was, to bring the Word of God to the lost and dying of our generation, to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. To simply befriend our neighbor who is hurting. To serve at church. The list could go on and on.

Jesus says in Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Go is a command and requires participation on our part. We are to reach out to those around us, to those in our circle of influence, to share the Word of God with them.

James 1:22 says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.”

Hear and Do. Hear and Do. We don’t just hear God’s Word; we also DO God’s Word. It does us no good to only hear, we must follow it with obedience and DO.

“Living for God is not something others can do for you and I. We can’t watch someone live our life and do the things God has called us to do.”

Did the opportunity pass you by because you were sitting on the bench watching and not on the field of play participating? We have to make a decision to not live for Christ on the sidelines but to be actively engaged in our relationship with Him and what He has asked of us.


Can you imagine walking out on to the balcony of your hotel room? 10 stories up and NO safety rail. Just the concrete ledge and a 100ft drop, straight to the ground. It would be pure chaos, wouldn’t it? Not a very relaxing balcony to be on! Now picture raising your kids without boundaries. I can’t even imagine that. Some parents assume boundaries just magically happen. The truth is, you must spend a lot of time to be intentional about creating boundaries for your kids.

TODDLERS: Think of it this way, when our children are toddlers, the boundaries might be small like the size of a small sandbox. As a parent, you pretty much should decide everything for them. What and when they’ll eat. When they take a bath and sleep.

ELEMENTARY AGE: As they move into the elementary years, those boundaries increase to the size of basketball court. Begin to give your child the choice of what they’ll wear, to watch a cartoon or play from a selection of approved video games, to hang out with Tim or Ben. You even allow your child to choose to read from a selection of books that you’ve looked through and approve.

TWEENS: If your kids respond well at staying in bounds, they’ll get a bigger field to play on. As a result, when they enter the tweens, the boundaries should grow even more, like playing on a football field, where they have more room to start tackling more personal decisions. And because you’ve trained them to know the blessings of boundaries, they should be more apt to follow them.  As a result, they earn the privileges of making more choices for themselves, but you still have the whistle to call a foul if her shorts are too low, or if his pants are hanging way down, if the music is off base or if the movie rating is questionable.

TEENS: Now comes the soccer field during the teen years, where the boundaries are much larger. On this field, there is more space to roam and run. Still, they can only go so far. On this field, if your child has been good about staying in bounds, he earns more privileges. At the right age, things can happen like getting a cell phone, laptop, Facebook, a car, or even starting a healthy relationship with a young man or young woman.

Ok, now that I’ve said all that, remember that the boundaries for your kids shouldn’t increase based on how old they are. Each of your kids are different. Boundaries should expand based on maturity, responsibility and a child’s track record of playing by the rules. In our home, we create boundaries for our kids based on maturity and responsibility. Our kids are not always allowed to watch the same movies. The age at which they get a cell phone or Facebook page will be determined not by their age but by their ability to play by the rules (boundaries) we as the parents have set.

What’s your thoughts? What boundaries have you created for your kids?



JULY 25TH – 29TH | AGES 3YR S – 11YR S | 9AM – NOON

Mark your calendar now for a VBS presented by Life Fellowship Kids ‘Right vs Wrong.’ Get ready for your kids to have a rootin, tootin great time as they learn the art of obedience. Cost is only $10 per child or $30 for families registering 3+ children, which helps cover all supplies, snacks, activities, and a commemorative gift.

All ages will discover the art of obedience this week through Bible stories, activities and games. Invite your friends and get registered today!!

Visit www.lifefellowship.tv for information and to download the registration form.