31 Days of Prayer

31 Days of Prayer Slide“When man works, man works. When man begins to pray God begins to work.”

Here is a list of 31 prayer topics that we are asking each person at Life Fellowship to cover in prayer. Believing God for miracles, favor, protection and increase.

Simply find the current day of the month and locate the corresponding topic of prayer for the day. And when you pray, you can know that you are joining with hundreds of other believers at Life Fellowship as we believe God for His Best.

01. Repentance
02. Our Teens at “True”
03. Missionaries We Support
04. Life Fellowship Kids
05. Pastor Chris
06. The President of USA
07. Increase of God’s presence at LF
08. Single Parents at LF
09. Spirit of Peace & Unity
10. Pastor Heather
11. Revival
12. Pastor Ryan
13. The Life Fellowship Elders
14. Increase of God’s peace
15. Financial Favor
16. Boldness to Live for God
17. Singles
18. Walk in Love
19. Marriages Strengthened
20. Life Fellowship Volunteers
21. Local Government & Officials
22. Salvation of friends & family
23. Healings (emotional/physical)
24. School Teachers
25. Pastor Nathan
26. Strategic Wisdom
27. More of God & Less of us.
28. Spiritual Growth of Believers
29. Godly Parenting
30. Our Military
31. Worship Services at LF