The biggest enemy to prayer is that we pray for what we already have, but because of our ignorance of what we possess we don’t realize it. So If I pray for what I already have than how am I going to find joy in an answer. – Bill Johnson (Author of When Heaven Invades Earth)

We are Sons and Daughters of God who have been giving His Authority to proclaim the promises He has given us laid out through Scripture. Christ came to this earth and died, so that we could have dominion over it again. Just as we did before the fall. And as we move in that authority, we will have joy through our victories in Christ.

Ask anything in My Name, and you will receive it, that your joy may be full. – John 16:24

God has given us unlimited access to joy through answers to prayer. So if my prayers become wrapped up in what I already asked God for, than I’m not going to live a lifestyle of joy from those answers to prayer. I’m going to have to find joy in the routine of prayer. For instance when we become so caught up in making sure that we pray a certain amount of time or our list of prayers rather than just pursuing a deeper relationship with the Father; our prayers become routine. This is when we elevate form and procedure over breakthrough. We embrace the lifestyle of discipline above significance and passion. What happens is we begin to have a Christianity that is celebrated for its disciplines. Discipline is important and is definitely needed, but Christianity was never meant to be known for its disciplines alone. Yet rather, it was meant to be known by our personal relationship with Christ. It’s His fire that we carry, until there is a breakthrough, that is the significance of what we have going on inside of us. We are a people that carry the spirit of the resurrected Christ in us. And when the spirit of the resurrected Christ took residence in us, He automatically and immediately expected us to conquer something.  It’s the nature of the presence within us.

So how do we start to move from routine prayers to prayers of significance?

We proclaim His promises : Stand firm in the understanding that if we have asked the Father it will be done according to His promises and perfect will.

We Seek His face, rather than His hand : God will begin to take care of all the circumstances around you if you simply turn your eyes towards Him. As you do, you will begin to find joy in the answers to your prayers because your relationship with Him will be transparent in every avenue of your life. This happens as you fall in love with seeking His face, rather than His hand of blessing.

Let your Christianity be known by your relationship : As your relationship grows your passion will ignite others around you. Share with others about the breakthrough taking place in your life and who is the source of that breakthrough. Christ is the difference between us and the rest of the world and we are carriers of His presence.

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